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Q– What do you do at Runn?

A– We do group fitness classes on treadmills.

Q– What are classes like?

A– Fun. You take it at your own pace. Our instructors take you through intervals. Some on flat ground, some on hills. Some fast, some slow. Throughout the workout the music is also changing. You are not just doing the same thing for very long which helps you stay engaged both mentally and physically.

Q– How fast should I go?

A– That is entirely up to you. We help you find four basic paces that work for you. Level 1- Easy, Level- 2 Mildly uncomfortable, Level 3- Uncomfortable, Level 4- Breathless. You determine what those speeds are. If your Level 1 pace is a slow walk, that is absolutely fine. We want you to just start wherever you are and see where it goes. You will never feel “slow”, we want you to be proud of the work you do.

Q– How can Runn help me in training for my upcoming race?

A– Interval training is key in race preparation. Overuse injuries can occur from doing the exact same thing too often for too long. At Runn things are constantly changing and you constantly challenging your body in new ways.

Q– How can Runn make me faster?

A– We work on the “SAID” Principle or “Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands”, a fundamental building block of all physical training. We’ll help you impose a demand on your body (faster, steeper climb, etc.) and your body will adapt.

Q– Can I make it at Runn?

A– Yes, our instructors are there to help you through it. You can Runn with us!

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