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Runn Chicago’s Keith Kimble Featured On Restarting America Podcast

Runn Chicago’s Keith Kimble featured on Restarting America Podcast

Currently, the spread of coronavirus has impacted many businesses and organizations, especially in larger cities where it has led many to temporarily close. While a large number of businesses and organizations have already reopened, the effects of COVID-19 will continue to be felt long after resuming activity.

Keith Kimble, the founder of Runn Chicago, was recently featured on the Restarting America podcast. In the podcast episode, Kimble discusses how the current health pandemic has impacted Runn Chicago and how they are adapting to new circumstances.

Kimble says that part of the reason his business has been able to survive during this time is that they’ve experienced hardship before.

“Something terrible happens every year,” Kimble said. “In the first year, I lost my lease and had to move. The second year, COVID-19 happened. So really I’ve been here before.”

Another thing that has helped Runn Chicago during these circumstances is their ability to adapt. After Runn Chicago shut down, they started doing Instagram Live classes to be able to continue to play the instructors. Then, later on, they began doing classes outside in the park.

Now, Kimble shares that Runn Chicago has reopened with new safety and health measures, like partitions to divide work out areas and face covering requirements. Kimble says that since Runn Chicago is a smaller gym, they were able to adapt more easily to new health and safety measures.

“For better or worse, we were uniquely positioned for this because we were never that big,” Kimble said. “That’s how we’re making it—we’re super small.”

97 Switch, a digital marketing agency based in Chicago, created Restarting America to talk about how business owners and community leaders are handling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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